A unique visual identity for our own creative studio
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Our own visual identity Print by Butz & Bürker
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A flexible visual identity that positions our studio as a premium manufacturer for unique brand identity design
About the Project
We are UNDESIGNED, a creative studio specialized in building immersive brand experiences for ambitious businesses.

After we’ve been working together since 2018 we decided to combine our skills and establish a new creative studio with a focus on high end design and development services at the intersection of branding, print- and interactive design and creative development.
Conceptual Idea and Goal
We created a flexible identity that acts as an umbrella for all our creative explorations we wish to pursue in the future. We wanted the identity to express our personality, our high aspirations and the passion for our work.
We are proud that our new identity gained some international recognition
Fonts in Use — Römerturm — Design made in Germany — Behance —
Our new identity gained some recognition and was featured on platforms like
Fonts in useRömerturms creators club and Design Made in Germany. We also created a Behance Case Study with more Information.
A consistent look and feel throughout all touchpoints - both analog and digital.
A bespoke logotype meets Premium material
We wanted to express our high aspiration and the passion for both analog and digital design. To abstract our boutique style the typeface is inspired by fashion and lifestyle brands and designed with interactivity in mind — it is dynamic in width and weight, can adapt to different contexts and expresses our cohesive approach to projects and identity design.

We combined different high quality papers for our stationary to express our aspiration and passion for good print.

Our Business Cards are printed by Butz & Bürker on Colorplan Imperial Blue, Bright White, White Frost and Ebony (700g/qm), the letterheads and notebooks on GMUND Lakepaper Extra Cream Pure (200g/qm), envelopes on Colorplan Imperial Blue (135g/qm) and our compliment slips on Colorplan Imperial Blue and Bright White (700g/qm). We used the relief foil on Kurz Luxor 429N, 302 and Light Line Laser