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RAW is a creative playground to explore and share work in the field of photography
About the Project
Branding is about authenticity and emotion. With our creative studio UNDESIGNED our goal is to create immersive brand experiences.

With RAW our goal is to capture authentic moments. To fill these experiences with personality. RAW is our way to tell stories. To share images. To capture moments. Emotional & Authentic.
Conceptual Idea and Goal
The goal of the new visual identity was to have just enough personality to not distract from the images but still maintain a level of distinctiveness. We decided to combine custom typography to express a level of uniqueness and pair it with an editorial, magazine style layout to express the emotions of the imagery.

The brand abstracts elements from the viewfinder of a camera as a design element. That gives the viewer a feeling of being directly in that moment and capturing it himself.
You can find out more about this project on our behance profile
Behance —
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We created a behance case study with some more information about this project. Check it out and let us know what you think!
A cohesive visual identity system across all touchpoints - both analog and digital
A unique identity with imagery at the core
Two customly designed typefaces enable us to archive a very clean, uncluttered and reduced layout and help the images to be perceived as the hero of the identity. The composition of the distinctive typography and the images in the center expresses enough brand personality in the otherwise clean layout.
Bringing the identity to live in the real world
Cohesive across print & digital
We designed a little magazine to complement the new identity and bring it to life in the real world