Recurring guests with the help of an emotional branding for your café and restaurant
We transform your restaurant into an authentic brand that your guests will fall in love with. Whether it’s branding, logo design, social media, website or your new menu cards - Our all inclusive offer helps you to fully focus on your core business, running your restaurant successfully.
A strong brand helps you to attract your guests emotionally
Speisekarte Restaurant Winebar
Have you experienced any of these?
You want more returning guests and regular customers?
You want to transform your guests into fans of your brand?
Your design, logo, menu, social media does not reflect the quality of your food?
You lack a clear positioning and are not telling an emotional story of your brand?
You have to take care of your design yourself, but don't really have the time and desire to do so?
You have a small budget, but don’t want to compromise on quality?
Your website doesn’t translate the experience of your restaurant into the digital world and you wish for a better visibility through SEO?
You are struggling finding the right staff?
We'll help you change that!
Create your unique brand identity for our reduced introductory price
We'll make sure your guests fall in love with your restaurant.
Strong branding and design for the success of your restaurant
Your emotional brand experience starts before your guests first visit the restaurant. Your first impression counts - not just when your guest receive their plates, but also when they first learn about you on your Instagram profile.

Ideally, you'll create an authentic and consistent impression throughout your customer’s journey. From the booking on your website, to the photography of your food, to the first visit of the restaurant, the tactile feeling of the menu and the design of your bill.

We’ll show you how to emotionally attract your customers wherever they are and do all the hard work for you. So that you can focus entirely on your guests experience in the restaurant, communicate your story authentically through high-quality design and transform your customers into fans of your brand.

We are your partner for branding, design and digital. You can work with us without a reservation - let’s meet for a coffee and create your unique brand!
Three steps to transform your restaurant into a love brand

Step 01 - Strategy and analysis

Together we define your unique story, analyze your current problems, your target group and the competition and work out your brand character and vision.

Step 02 - Authentic visual identity

From the concept, we design an emotional and high-quality visual identity for your restaurant that tells your unique story and brand character in a visual way.

Step 03 - Unique brand experience

Your visual identity comes to life. By consistently designing all of your guests touchpoints, you reach them emotionally and create a strong brand in the long run. Whether print, digital, photography or text. Our holistic approach helps you focus entirely on your guests restaurant experience. We take care of all topics around branding, design, marketing and digital.
A holistic design system that brings your story to life visually.


Your logo reflects your values, identifies your restaurant, and serves as a distinguishing mark.


Type is everywhere. Whether it’s on your menu, Instagram profile or event flyer. We define a consistent typeface that authentically communicates your brand values and makes every word a brand ambassador.

Materials and colors

Whether it’s colored paper or high-quality finishing on your menus. Your unique story isn’t conveyed through color alone. We’ll design a system that works across all media and appeals to your guests emotionally.

Social media

We help you build a consistent foundation and enable you to communicate authentically with your guests through a clear strategy. Whether design, templates for maintenance or photography of content.


Your responsive website is extremely important for long-term customer retention. Whether authentic appearance and high-quality presentation of your premises, the first impression of your food or the reservation option via a form. We make sure that your restaurant experience is also convincing in the digital world and gets a 5-star rating.


Whether it’s a high-quality menu, posters for specific events or theme nights, changing seasonal cards or packaging design. We help you with your branding, design, marketing and digital needs.