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Nowadays, your brand is much more than just your logo. We work with you to develop a brand strategy tailored to you and your company and create a dynamic brand identity design that visually communicates your values and makes an emotional and long lasting connection with your target audience.

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Detailed Services

Brand strategy and positioning
Brand workshops
Brand design
Visual identity design
Brand typography, colors, visual language, paper, material and finishing concept, layout grid and design principles

Graphic Design
Detailed Services

In the design phase, your brand comes to life. We create a holistic system that authentically communicates your brand values across channels, both online and offline, and reaches your customers. Your emotional brand experience.

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Detailed Services

Art and creative direction
print design, design of business cards and stationery
typeface design
Packaging design and label design
Editorial design, magazine design, brochures & menu design
Design for social media
Photography & content creation

Detailed Services

A well-designed and immersive website helps you establish your brand digitally and reach new customers. It is an important part of strengthening your online presence and transporting your emotional brand into the digital space.

Detailed Services

Digital strategy
Web design & interactive design
Creative development
Frontend & backend development
E-commerce & app development
Infrastructure & automation
SEO & website performance

Sounds good?
Let's design your emotional brand identity together!
Our brand packages

To give you a roadmap, we have defined packages that will help you build an emotional brand for your business. Of course, these only serve as a framework and can be supplemented by additional services. Here we address your needs and wishes individually, which we discuss in a joint appointment.

Um dir einen Fahrplan zu geben haben wir Pakete definiert, die dir dabei helfen, eine emotionale Marke für dein Unternehmen aufzubauen. Diese dienen natürlich nur als Rahmen und können durch weitere Leistungen ergänzt werden. Hier gehen wir ganz individuell auf deine Bedürfnisse und Wünsche ein, die wir in einem gemeinsamen Termin besprechen.

What you'll get

We transform your restaurant into an authentic brand that your guests will fall in love with. We help you with everything from branding, logo design, social media, website or your menus - so you can focus on your core business of running your restaurant. Learn more here.

What you'll get

Brand Discovery Workshop
Individual logo design
Definition of font world, color world, materials, paper & finishing concept
Implementation of a small responsive website
Design of a touchpoint of your choice (business card, letterhead, ...)

Small Visual Identity System
Branding Quickstart
What you'll get

The starter package to efficiently build your emotional brand.
Perfect if you've just started your business and need a high-quality, unique and emotional visual identity that authentically conveys your values and connects with your customers. It forms a super base and can be expanded gradually, for example if you need a new website, further touchpoints or similar in the future.

What you'll get

Brand Discovery Workshop
Individual logo design
Definition of font world, color world, materials, paper & finishing concept
Implementation of a small responsive website
Design of a touchpoint of your choice (business card, letterhead, ...)

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity System
Full feature branding
What you'll get

You want to get started right away? All elements of the first package are included. We develop your brand strategy together with the help of a brand workshop. You will also receive a corporate design manual for your new visual identity.

What you'll get

Branding Workshop
All contents from package 01
Additional image concept and visual language
Type hierarchy, grid system & layout principles
Corporate Design Manual
Design of 3 touchpoints of your choice (e.g. business card, letterhead, social media template, merch, ...)

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity and Website
Branding and digital
What you'll get

In addition to branding, we tackle your new website directly. Together we develop your digital strategy, take care of the user experience and visual design and program your responsive website with the latest web standards and animations. So that your brand can shine digitally.

What you'll get

All contents from package 02
Workshop & Digital Strategy
Responsive Website incl. CMS System
Training CMS System

Suitable offer for your requirements
Individual brand package
What you'll get

You don't really know what you need or have other requirements? Let's determine your needs in our free consultation and together we will think about which individual solution is right for you.

What you'll get

You still need additional elements like support with content, photography, an online store or similar. Then let's define your needs together! We will find a solution that will turn your business into a distinctive brand!

The journey to your beloved brand.
We have established a process that supports you in all the steps and with which we can jointly build an authentic, emotional and lovable brand for your company. This process is divided into four phases.
After our first meeting, we will make you an offer. In the second step, we will work out your brand strategy together with you, which will form the basis of your identity. Based on this, we design your holistic brand experience.

Learn more about our process to design your beloved brand identity