Frequently asked questions
How long does it take to finish a branding project?
The duration of the project depends entirely on your desired requirements. For example, if you order our Branding & Digital package, you can expect us to present your visual identity in one appointment after 4-6 weeks and the design of the various touchpoints can take another 4 weeks. Of course, business cards don't take as long as a full website with content management system integration. It's best to plan on about 8-10 weeks from engagement to project completion.
How much does a branding cost?
Transparency is especially important to us, which is why we also want to openly communicate our prices with you. However, transparency also includes the fact that it is incredibly difficult to give an exact estimate at this point in time. The final price depends on several variables. Which touchpoints need to be designed? How big is the website? What are the technical requirements? What is the exact concept?

For us, a corporate design project averages between 6,000€ - 12,000€, depending on complexity and desired deliverables. For a website it looks similar, but can also be between 10.000€ - 25.000€, depending on the animation concept, technical connections etc.

Check out our service page, here you will find a more detailed description of our package prices or feel free to send us a request by e-mail or an appointment invitation, then we can suggest a suitable solution for your needs!
I already have a corporate design and logo. Can we still work together?
If you wish to do a rebranding we are definitely the right partner! However, if you want to stay with your existing corporate design or logo, we can't help you. We are a design agency that specializes in holistic brand design - accordingly, it is important to us to accompany the brand development from the ground up. If you are not quite sure whether a rebranding is right for you, please contact us! We will be happy to advise you. If the right solution for you is to build on your existing design, we're sure to have a recommendation for someone who can support you!
I already have my brand strategy defined and need a visual identity. Can you do that?
Sure! Our clients often don't have a defined strategy yet, which is why we always like to define that with the help of a workshop. But if you've already completed this step, all the better! Then we can start directly with your visual design. For this we work with our branding questionnaire, in which you can enter your brand strategy.
Will you help me with design, content and development even after branding?
For sure! A long-term, collaborative partnership is super important to us. We help you with all your design, content and development needs, no matter if you're in need of newly printed products, social media designs or new features for your website. There are various options here - whether it is on a project basis, as a regular retainer, a subscription, ... Let's talk and see which option suits you best!
Do you also work with other agencies or partners?
We love the exchange with other creatives and find joint projects super exciting! If you have an agency and need external support for a project, feel free to contact us! We are always looking to expand our network and realize nice projects together!
Is it possible to work together even if we are not located near you?
For sure! All of our work can be done fully remotely!
I have another question
Is there something we didn't answer? Send us an e-mail or let's schedule a meeting, where we can answer everything in detail!