How to reach your guests emotionally with your logo

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If you avoid these mistakes when designing your logo for your restaurant, cafe, hotel or winery, you'll end up with a high-quality and timeless logo that will appeal to your guests emotionally and draw them to your tables.
Missing Brand Strategy
Your logo does not reflect the character of your brand. Subjective designs have no strategic basis. Tastes change over time and are subject to trends. So always start with a conceptual idea and make sure you don't get caught up in trends. Always align the design with your brand values.
Your logo should not explain
The task of the logo is to identify your company, not to describe it. Avoid the mistake of visualizing your services in the logo or communicating all ideas at once. Work out the main message of your logo and focus on your core idea.
Your logo is not scalable
Check if your logo also works in small size, as profile picture or favicon. Is it still legible here? Avoid too many small details and elements that can cause problems in print. Your logo should be in vector format, scalable to any size and should also work as a monochrome version. Avoid using images or pixel graphics in the logo.
Keep it simple
For sure, your logo is important. However, an individual, high-quality word mark is usually much stronger than a picture mark, which needs to be learned. Don't focus too much on the logo, but work out a holistic design system. The interplay of logo, typeface, color, materials and images appeals to your guests emotionally - not the logo alone.
Tasty Brand by UNDESIGNED
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We will guide you to your beloved brand in three courses

The starter - your authentic strategy
Together we analyze your problems, your target group, the market and define your brand character, your vision and your unique story, which serves as the basis of the design.

The main course - Your unique design
Based on your story, we develop your unique & high quality corporate design that visually conveys the character of your restaurant and sets you apart from the competition.

The dessert - Your emotional brand experience
Whether print, digital, social media or photography. Our holistic approach covers all your needs. We are your partner for holistic branding, so you can fully focus on your guests' experience.