The advantages of high quality business cards

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Do you need business cards?
It depends. There is no general answer to this question, because it always depends on the individual brand strategy of your company and your target audience. There may be business areas where the money would be better invested in other touchpoints than in exclusive business cards. However, in our collaborative workshops with our clients we almost always decide on the conception and design of a premium business card for them.

Business cards for Butz & Bürker, Print shop in Karlsruhe

What are the benefits of premium business cards?
Well-designed business cards make a positive first impression. They stand out. They help you and your business be remembered. They feel special. And they express your appreciation for the person you're talking to. In addition, they are an excellent way to make your claim to quality tangible in a haptic way and show your counterpart that you pay attention to even the tiniest detail.

An individual business card design helps you to stand out from the competition and to convey your brand character emotionally through paper and materials. Business cards signal to your counterpart that he or she is important to you, after all, you are handing him or her a product worth 1-2€. This makes an impression and is often a good way to start a conversation. At least we are always asked about our business cards and regularly get this feedback from our customers.

Well done, high-quality printing remains in the memory even today, in an increasingly digitalized world, and is a nice change!

Business cards for Sabine, Print shop in Karlsruhe

How to design beautiful business cards?
Again, as with all design decisions in branding, what is the right concept strategically? A business card for a winery should feel different than one for a management consultant. A business card for a restaurant should perhaps have a different feel than the business card for an architecture studio. A business card for a photographer should... yeah, yeah, we'll stop already - you probably know what we're getting at ;)

In the brand strategy, we've already laid the groundwork for your visual identity. The definition and selection of papers, materials and the finishing concept follow in the corporate design phase. The important thing here is that your target group is addressed and emotionally reached by the choice and that the concept best reflects your brand.

There are many variables here. Let's start with the choice of paper. Does a smooth, coated paper fit your brand character better than a uncoated paper? What grammage works best? What tonality best reflects your values? More grayish, pure white or yet a slight yellow tint? Or maybe it's even a dark paper? Or maybe it's a hue that best suits your brand? Technical issues also play a role in the decision-making process. Is the paper system flexible and can it be applied to other touchpoints such as stationery, packaging paper or envelopes? If not, in what combination will it be used so that a holistic system can be created? What print run do you need? What is the budget for the pure material costs? Once the paper has been found, the next step is finishing. For example, should hot foil be used for embossing? Is blind embossing more suitable? Or should a nice 3D effect be used with the help of relief foil?

Many questions. The good thing is, we know our stuff and take care of everything for you, so you can go into the process completely relaxed! We show you all the variations using different paper samples - because no one likes to buy a pig in a poke ;)

Parallel to the material and finishing concept, we also create the design of your business cards. Both parts intertwine and influence each other, because the finishing also influences the design. You can see this best in our examples of how the finishing was not added as an afterthought, but actively used as a design element. This makes the overall concept even stronger, helps you to give your business card a special character and to be perceived as an element of your branding.

Afterwards, of course, the whole thing has to be printed. Here we have been working for many years exclusively with Butz & Bürker from Karlsruhe, which specializes in high-quality printing. We take care of the printing process and take care of everything, so you don't have any extra hassle and get your new business cards delivered to your doorstep with ease!

As you can see, a good business card design is much more than just quickly uploading some contact information to the online printer. A high-quality and individually designed business card is a great way to trigger the desired emotions in your target audience. It helps your brand design to be remembered and to stand out from your competition.

Business cards for Patchwork Capital, Holding company in Karlsruhe

What are the costs for premium business cards?
As you've seen above, quite a bit of work naturally goes into the business card design process. Production costs are highly variable and unpredictable - depending on the finishing, the tools cost differently and the paper costs also vary depending on the paper manufacturer and the desired paper. Here we work together to find a solution that fits your budget. Usually we are somewhere between 1.500€ - 3.000€ for conception, design, print handling and printing costs. Of course, the sky's the limit, especially when it comes to really unusual finishing methods.

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