How to become a beloved brand

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Was ist ein visuelles Erscheinungsbild?
Your brand is what your customers say about you when you're not in the room. All the emotions you evoke in them. But making an emotional connection takes a lot more than just a pretty logo design. It takes a flexible visual system that reaches your customers emotionally across multiple touchpoints and conveys your values using authentic design. Your visual identity.

This includes a variety of elements such as typography, colors and materials, your logo, a layout system and your visual language.
But how exactly do you determine this? How do you know which typeface or color to use?

We established a process that supports you in all these steps and with which we can create an authentic, emotional and lovable brand for your company. This process is divided into four steps.
„We help you to transform your company into a lovable brand.“
Step 01 — Getting to know each other
The first step is to better understand you and your project. We would like to get to know you personally and get an overview of your problems, wishes and needs.

The best way to do this is to meet and get to know each other. Feel free to drop by for a delicious coffee. Or we can come directly to you and get a first impression of your company. Of course, we can also schedule a video call - whatever works best for you!

After getting to know each other, we already have a good impression of you, your project and how we can best support you. Based on this, we will develop a first strategy for our project together and send you a suitable offer including a plan to tackle the project.
Step 02 — Strategy and Concept
When it comes to branding, a strategic foundation is key. This helps to remove subjectivity from the process, to create a targeted design that communicates your brand values authentically and emotionally attracts your target audience.

We meet for a brand workshop, in which we develop your brand strategy. We look at your vision and mission, your target audience, your competition, how to position in the market and think about the emotions you want to convey in your customers.

All this information serves as the basis for the visual concept, the design of your identity and ensures that your communication media authentically reaches your audience.
Step 03 — Visual Identity Design
Based on our developed strategy, we define a visual concept and design your new visual identity. We create a consistent design system consisting of your new logo, typography, colors and materials, find the right papers and print finishes to match your values, define your visual language and layout principles. We document all of this in a corporate design manual, which enables you to play it out consistently on the various touchpoints.

We also design examples for the various touchpoints such as business cards, stationery, billboards, website design or packaging design. This will already give you a feel for how your look and feel will look in the real world. Because nobody looks at a logo only on a white sheet of paper, but always in combination with other elements.

We will present you 2-3 different versions of your new identity in a presentation meeting. Afterwards you have the opportunity to give us your feedback, which we will then incorporate into the further design.
Step 04 — Delivery & Brand Experience
Once we have finalized the corporate design, we take care of the final design of your brand experience.

This can be the design of your premium business cards, your new menu cards, the packaging design of your wine bottles, your business stationery or your new website. No worries if you currently don’t know exactly what you need. We will help you with that! After our initial strategy you will have a roadmap of what materials you need to emotionally attract your audience!

Now it’s the time to finalize the design, print all the beautiful products and create all the content such as photography and copy.
Do you have any questions?
Is there anything you would like to know? Do you want to know more details for anything specific? Let us know and tell us, how we can help you! We are looking forward to hear from you!
UNDESIGNED is a design studio based in Landau, Germany, specializing in the conception, design and implementation of unique brands. We help ambitious companies create a consistent and high-quality visual identity that attracts the target audience emotionally and stays in their minds. We firmly believe that high-quality, detail-oriented design makes all the difference and sets you apart from your competition. Through our holistic approach, we ensure that your brand shines on all channels - both offline and online - and can reach its full potential.