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Eine Launch Kampagne mit dem Ziel, die Schönheit der Schriftgestaltung emotional zu kommunizieren.
About the Project
UTF Times is a new Baroque Antiqua typeface that we initially designed for ourselves internally and are now offering for sale to the public. In addition to the typeface design, an emotional launch campaign was to showcase the possibilities and beauty of the typeface.
Conceptual Idea and Goal
The goal was to design a typeface that would combine timeless minimalism with our artistic and detail-oriented approach, giving the designer plenty of opportunities to add their own individual touch.

The character of the typeface was to be expressed in the campaign. Accordingly, we worked with our printer, Butz & Bürker, to create a magazine that showcases the typeface and its special features in the style of an old newspaper. Both the newspaper and the posters with an overview of the individual glyphs were printed on a historic paper from the 80s.
You can find the full project on our behance profile
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We created a behance case study with all the information and some free downloads of the type specimen and magazin! Check it out and let us know what you think!