Celebrating the combination of paper and typography
Project Information
A collaboration with Butz & Bürker
Type Design
Graphic Design
Paper & Type is a passion project to explore the synergy of premium paper, unique print finishing and beautiful typography
About the project
Paper & Type is a way to play around with different typefaces, designs and printing techniques. And to express our creativity.

The idea of this project arose when we met Thomas from Butz & Bürker. We wanted to collaborate on a passion project to express our love for high quality print, paper and typography. This is the result of it.
Conceptual Idea and Goal
Our conceptual idea was to design a poster that plays with different printing techniques and a custom typeface to abstract both of our services. We wanted to establish a collaborative playground and create a lasting physical object we can use for ourselves.
You can find out more about this project on our behance profile
Behance Case —
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We created a behance case study with some more information about this project. Check it out and let us know what you think!
A customly designed typeface meets high quality paper and handcrafted print finishes
Design & Print Details
We designed a custom typeface with the name UTF Neutra for the poster. It is a minimal, rather neutral neogrotesk typeface with an aesthetically pleasing look.

Instead of choosing a neutral paper we went with GMUND Heidi Faded Grey 330g/m2, a greyish paper with a nice haptic feeling and premium character.

The combination of Pantone Black 6U, Kurz Luxor 418 Hot Foil and a blind debossing gives the poster a unique, expressive and premium touch.