Unique brand experiences for the ambitious

About U.S

By combining our skills in branding, graphic design and development, we create visual identities that speak to people and help businesses to attract their audience emotionally.

We are a creative studio specialized in building unique brand experiences for the ambitious.
What we did

A selection of our projects in the fields of branding, graphic design and development.

Interactive experience for a berlin based music label
Visual Identity for a landau based design studio
Visual identity for a holding company
Visual identity for a Photography Portfolio
Visual identity & Packaging for a Vineyard
Selected Corporate- and Logodesigns
Visual Identity for a Karlsruhe based Photographer
Visual Identity for a sustainable co-creation consultancy
Fresh out of the studio
Our Drive

Authentic experiences are the key to effective branding

Our ambition is to transform your business into a memorable brand.

We are UNDESIGNED, a creative studio based in Landau specialized in the creation of immersive and unique brand experiences for ambitious businesses.

We utilize our skills in branding, graphic design and development to create an emotional and consistent visual identity that helps businesses connect with their audience on a deeper level to establish long lasting relationships.

We are Davide and Norman. After working together for the last five years we’ve founded UNDESIGNED in the beginning of 2022 to pursue our ambition.