Visual Identity for a sustainable co-creation agency
Project Information
Client Hearts & Ventures
Digital by Dorfjungs.
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Custom Logotype
Graphic Design
Hearts & Ventures is a sustainable co-creation agency out of germany
About the project
Hearts & Ventures is a sustainable co-creation agency out of germany. They support and mentor founders of sustainable startups to build their business, position it on the market and manage it profitable. They combine the areas of economics, innovation and sustainability to create innovative solutions and a better future for our planet.
Conceptual Idea and Goal
We started early in the process and went through a strategy phase, where we discovered insights about the company and the vision. Based on the brand strategy we designed the visual identity with a reduced custom logotype and a flexible symbol as the brand mark.
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A humanist character meets a touch of art nouveau. Personal. Natural. And with a lot of attention to detail.
A bespoke logotype meets natural materials
We created a bespoke logotype with a humanist character and a touch of art nouveau that visualizes the companies vision of a more sustainable future. The custom "&-Symbol" symbolizes an abstract heart, a V and the & Sign, visualizing Hearts & Ventures as a mentor of their clients.